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Recommended products for the best human performance

Updated: Apr 19

*I do not receive any compensation, direct or indirect, for recommending any of these products.

General lifting

These tried and true classics are just about the best everyday lifting shoe you can find. Dynamic as ever, what I love about them is that because they are designed to grip a skateboard, they enable you to really "drill" yourself into the floor while you deadlift and squat. This nonslip feature is especially useful in dynamic movements where you don't want to be distracted by slipping or instability. Because they slip on and off easily, it's easy to go between heavy lifts and movements where you'd like to feel your bare feet on the ground.

Supremely flexible and lightweight zero drop sole enables unrestricted & natural movement of the foot. With durability and ergonomic fit outsole that further increase agility, strength, and sensory feedback.

This knit barefoot sneaker is an exercise in true minimalist style.

I like this belt because it's very firm and gives you great feedback on your posture during those heavy lifts. The lever makes it much easier to put on and take off between sets, giving you more "room to breathe", so to speak, during your rest.


The shoes I've been using for the last 7 years, and the only ones I recommend. These shoes have the stiffest soles you can find, which help you to really tether yourself into the ground. The lifted heel eliminates any issues arising from limited ankle mobility, and help you really drive through the glutes at the bottom of your squat. When those squats start to get heavy, these can give you an edge in stability and drive. Only really useful for intermediate to advanced lifters.

I can't say it any better than Stoic's own product description:

"Holds knee compression through the full range of motion. Unlike other sleeves designed for comfort, these sleeves are designed to add support, warmth, and compression during leg workouts."

I also only recommend these for intermediate to advanced lifters.

Nutrition Supplements

*disclaimer: As a personal trainer, I cannot prescribe or recommend particular usage for any of these supplements. These product recommendations are not meant to replace the guidance of a licensed doctor or nutritionist. Food supplements are not a replacement for a varied and balanced food intake and a healthy lifestyle, and you should always consult with a physician if you're unsure about the safety of these products with regard to any conditions you may have.
All recommendations below (except for whey protein) are vegan friendly. Liquid vitamins and minerals are always my recommendation, for better absorption and bio-availability.

Simply the most cost-effective protein supplement on the market. Many competitors use a lot of fillers, or simply have a poor protein to carb/fat ratio. This is the best bang for your buck, coming in at

24g of protein per serving, with only 1.5g of fat and 3g of carbohydrate, negligible sugar and sodium. This is the best nutrient profile you can get at this price point, and with Amazon you can set up a subscription to save a little each month. There are several sizes and flavors available, typically a 2lb tub will get me through a month.

For the vegans out there, Gold Standard also makes a superb plant-based protein. Although any vegan protein will have a higher fat/carb profile than whey, this is about as good as you can get at the price point. Like their whey protein, you can subscribe on Amazon, and it will get you almost through a month of daily use with a 2lb tub.

Though this isn't in my book quite as good as Gold Standard, it's definitely a contender. The reason it gets a couple points knocked off is that it only has 20g of protein vs 24. There are 27 servings though, vs 20 in the Gold Standard vegan tub, so it's really a matter of meticulous penny-pinching which is a truer value. They are both great supplements, and worth trying to see which one you prefer. Also a subscribe and save option on Amazon.

With so many flavor options, Mary Ruth's is easily the most palatable and cost-effective option for a comprehensive vitamin and mineral profile. Safe for vegans, gluten-free, and subscription ready, Mary Ruth's is a great option to ensure you're filling in any dietary gaps.

Liquid Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is essential to support healthy living and longevity. Most supplements come in pill form, which doesn't absorb as well. Liquid form ensures your body can absorb and use this vitamin quickly and efficiently.

Amala vegan algae omega 3 is the world’s first and only water extracted algae omega 3 oil. They use an exclusive water-extracted food-grade algae strain, cultured in pure water outside the ocean, to create this remarkable omega 3 blend free from harmful solvents.

Nature's Way liquid iron is the most cost effective, least offensive tasting iron supplement I've found so far. With high bioavailability vs. pill form, this is an easy way to ensure you're keeping those iron stores high. If you're unsure whether an iron supplement is right for you, it may be a good idea to have your levels tested before trying it out. This supplement is vegan friendly and gluten free, and also has a subscription option on Amazon. Never take more than the recommended dose.

Prebiotic + Probiotics + Ginger: Organic Prebiotic + 12 probiotic strains with Ginger Root. Ginger root contains Gingerol, one of the oldest medicinal herbs and antioxidants and may help with bloating, inflammation and digestion.

Low Sodium Liquid Electolytes

An athlete must always understand the importance of hydration, but electrolytes take you a step further by replenishing critical micronutrients depleted by sweat and exertion.

This low-sodium formula is a welcome option, as most of us don't need to supplement sodium. You may prefer the regular formula, however, or a doctor may direct you toward that option.

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