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Thank you for your interest in Inner Beast!


We’d love to start throwing numbers at you, but first we need to fully understand your unique needs as a client. Based on a comprehensive movement exam, injury history, and a dialogue about your exact goals, we can together figure out the ideal programming, workout frequency, and training duration for you. All these factors will determine the cost of your customized training experience.


If you are seriously (or even loosely) considering making an investment in your health and wellness, a great first step is to take the time to meet with us so we can discover together where you’re starting and what it will take to get to where you want to be. 


We’d like the opportunity to demonstrate the value that has so many people investing in our services year after year. Book a complimentary, no-obligation assessment today so we can chat more about how we can help you! 









  • How long is an assessment?

An assessment is approximately 45-60 minutes

  • What should I bring?

A water bottle, comfy workout clothes and shoes.


  • How much does an assessment cost?

Assessments are always100% free, but if you are feeling particularly abundant, you may donate any amount you wish for this service by clicking here! 


  • What does an assessment entail?

We will take measurements, discuss injury history, and perform a movement/postural/strength exam. If necessary, I will palpate muscles and joints to find imbalances that can’t be seen in your movements or posture. We will then discuss your goals in great detail, as well as what type of training would be ideal, and finally discuss the cost of training based on these factors.


  • What will I learn?

You will learn what physical imbalances and weaknesses are holding you back from having your ideal health and movement. We will also discover what mindset patterns have been holding you back from realizing these ideals.


  • Will I be expected to buy something?

Absolutely not! We will invite you to become a trainee if we firmly believe we can help you become your best self, and if it’s a good fit for us both.


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