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Resources for those financially affected by Covid19

First and foremost, I want to thank everybody for their continued support during this difficult time. The gym has always been a community where we help each other out, no matter what is going on.

Many of you are facing employment uncertainty, as well as difficulty finding/funding food and child-care, among other challenges. I wanted to share some resources for those of you who are facing the above obstacles.

Unemployment insurance for service industry workers


Interactive map showing access points for free groceries, free meals, etc.


The SBA provides low interest loans to small businesses in times of declared emergency or disaster.


If you are a person who is in abundance of wealth, supplies, or free time, I urge you to consider being on the donating/volunteering side of this crisis.

You can contact the food bank for information on volunteering, or to donate non-perishable items and supplies.

Please also consider giving blood, as there is a serious shortage that could collapse the region’s entire supply.


I will also be setting up an “exchange station” where we can donate/take home items we need. Some of us have an abundance of toilet paper while others cannot find any. Maybe you have some cans of beans or vegetables that you don’t need. Feel free to bring in anything you think may be useful during this time of scarcity.

If you have any other online resources you’d like to share, please do! If there are any other ways you can think of helping, please do!

While all of us face serious uncertainty, many of us still have plenty to give. Let’s show that we are a unified community, here to support one another until things return to normalcy.

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