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I am in awe & inspired everytime I step into the gym. It is not only incredible to feel so encouraged and supported during my own individualized work out, but also to witness the compassion, dedication and drive Shay gives to everyone in class.

I have been suffering from a bulging disc and pinched nerve in my lower back for about 10 years. Every time I had started to get physically active again I would have a set back due to discomfort and pain. I was in a cycle of physical discomfort, depression and low self worth. I am so grateful I reached out for support and found Shay. She listened, evaluated and created a specialised program for me. Her hands-on, individualised approach in a small group setting has allowed me to see drastic changes over just a few short months. My pain/discomfort has decreased by almost 75%. Along with that, my well being and self worth continues to grow alongside my physical health.

As a queer person I feel so comfortable and safe at Inner Beast. I am so excited to see where the rest of my year journey here will take me and I am so grateful for Shay for creating such a safe, inclusive space for me to connect with my inner beast and continue to grow into the bad a** that I am.

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